The United States of America, December 06, 2013:Mobile Spy is spyware to keep tab on mobile phones and other mobile devices. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry OS. The software has extensive features that cover all aspects of monitoring requirement. Its functions are suitable to be used for children as well as employees. Controlling the behaviour of children in the present age of fast accessibility to technology has become tougher for parents than it was ever before. However, software development companies like Retina X Studios have produced extensive array of applications for the purpose of parental control while the application runs on the stealth mode.

Mobile Spy Login is one of the many products released by Retina X Studios for mobile or computer monitoring. The software provides extensive control over the device. It has live control panel to have instant effect as and when settings are changed by users. It also ensures that updates are in real-time, which create scope for immediate action to avert mishaps. The application is fully synchronised with GPS, which allows users to be aware of the movement of the user. In case of young children, this feature is assurance of their safety and security. Parents do not have to be on the control panel continuously because Mobile Spy Login sends alert when the device moves out of the geographic boundary as set on preference page.

Social, educational and psychological advantages of Mobile Spy Login cannot be denied either. Children are prone to inappropriate web content and online habits because of their curiosity and excitement. With the content filter and accessibility restriction feature, parents can ensure that children will come across only appropriate matter. This helps their right development in educational, social and psychological spheres.

Mobile Spy Login uses the device camera in stealth to capture the surroundings while the bugging feature uses the microphone to record sound in the surrounding. These records can be played live or access later from the servers through the control panel. In addition to that, Mobile Spy Login can log every activity that is done on the device. Emails, messages and instant messages sent or received as well as phone calls made or received are logged by the application. They can be viewed or heard live or later with detailed records. Parents can restrict access to certain websites, applications, videos and other contents including contact numbers and addresses. In fact, parents have the control to even completely block whatever they want. In short, the device will be used by children but what it is used for can be dictated by the parents. Since all functions run in stealth mode, the spyware never gets detected either.

All these features are also available for professional world, where employers can benefit from Mobile Spy Login for monitoring their employees using office devices.

About Mobile Spy:


Mobile Spy is monitoring software developed by Retina X Studios. Retina X Studios has produced similar applications for slightly different purposes and has been rated as A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Mobile Spy is a full-feature spyware with GPS synchronisation and real-time updating capability. It can be uninstalled online from one device to be installed on another.