There are two ways to obtain or retain an Orange CountyDUI Lawyer.  If you are facing anOrange County DUI charge you have the right to retain legal counsel of your choice or you have the option of informing the court that you are destitute and unable to afford representation of this nature at the present time.  If you elect to contact and consult an attorney of your choosing you will be responsible for remitting payments for their services.  If on the other hand you cannot afford legal representation due to difficult economic times and available finances, then one may be appointed for you, if in fact you can prove you are unable to pay for one yourself.


Make no mistake about it, while having anOrange CountyDUI Lawyer appointed by the court to handle your case should result in a lower cost for the client, it can also result in an unsavory decision when sentencing day arrives.  AnOrange County DUI attorney that is appointed by the court to handle your case does not always have your best interests foremost in their mind.  The majority of them simply want to get through the process and return to arguing cases they are compensated accordingly for.


If you are facing anOrange County DUI charge it is always in your best interest to hire an Orange CountyDUI Lawyer that you can afford.  Even if you are destitute and have no available funds for securing their services it is recommended to seek financial assistance with retaining one.  Lawyers that are retained rather than appointed have a greater interest in handling the cases of their clients.  They are compensated according to their pricing schedules which allow them to realize a better potential for profit.


Regardless of how serious or minor the Orange County DUI infraction is having anOrange CountyDUI Lawyer area present is advisable.  Even if one is appointed by the legal system compensation in some form will be necessary.  The sentencing guidelines associated with the penalties handed down will indicate fines and court costs which must be paid by the convicted client, a portion of which will serve to compensate the appointed legal expert.  Since you are going to pay either way it benefits you to spend your money wisely and hire an outside resource from the professional legal career field.


A DUI Lawyer appointed by aOrange County court room normally has one thing in mind when being tasked with taking on your case.  They want to receive a plea bargain from the prosecutor which they can then advise their client to accept regardless of what the outcome may be.  They do not want to argue or debate a Orange County DUI charge that could take months of court room wrestling and wrangling to adjourn.  They have an “in and out” mentality when assigned cases of this nature.  The quicker they can resolve the issue at hand the quicker they can return to what they deem respectable work.


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