West Sacramento, CA - If people want to get back to shape the right way and boost their fitness and overall health, then gym is the best place where proper fitness training & equipments are available to further people in their venture. Nowadays obesity and obesity-related alarming health problems are wreaking real havoc in the life of man throughout the world but in the West Sacramento region of California people now are much relieved because they have found out a great solution to this problem and that’s Results the Training Gym, in West Sacramento.

Results the Training Gym in West Sacramento was jointly founded by Matt Weaver and Peter Cepeda. When one of the founders Matt Weaver fell sick years back due to obesity and medical tests showed that he was a diabetic, that very moment he derived the inspiration to start a gym in West Sacramento. He tried many gyms in the area to trim himself down and bring his diabetes under control but nowhere he got the service he expected. Later along with support and friendship of Peter Cepeda they started the ‘Cheers of Fitness’ Results the 24 Hour Gym and now they bring you Results the Training Gym in West Sacramento, fulfilling the long time dream.

‘Results the 24 Hour Gym’, the Folsom Blvd, Sacramento based gym consists of the best supportive staff and workout regimen to help clients safely achieve maximum results in minimum time. In the year 2012 the gym’s popularity was spreading gradually and people were recognizing the worth of its training system. Readers reviewed & voted Results the 24 Hour Gym as the Best Gym in the Sacramento News and Results was given the position of a finalist by KCRA 3 A List for best gym & personal trainers. Later in 2012 the Gym went on to win Sacramento’s Best Gym by the Sacramento News and Review.

The founders of Results were always engaged in taking their gym to the level that had already been achieved by the Results the 24 Hour Gym in Sacramento. Their sincere efforts have yielded results and ultimately late January 2013, they are now opening Results the Training gym in West Sacramento. The grand opening of this gym is an exciting upcoming event and finally gives people of West Sacramento the opportunity to boost their fitness in a completely new way this New Year.

The training offered at this new gym will be quite different from those ineffective fitness training programs people get at the other gyms. All West Sacramento residents will also get an exciting offer just by joining the gym; i.e. unlimited group fitness workouts for only 1$ throughout January. The coaches are highly experienced to impart the best training. 

The new address for the gym is right off Jefferson Blvd near the freeway . The Gym is conveniently located near downtown Sacramento, and major landmarks at 109 15th street, West Sacramento, CA 95691

‘After joining West Sacramento Gym I lost 20 lbs in just 2 months!’ says a happy client.

Media Contact:
Matthew Weaver
Call: 916-383-0123