HONG KONG - The increasing importance of English for business empowerment isn’t a nascent thought.  Individuals who deal with international clients, businesses that have a scope for international expansion and individuals who like to aspire higher need the basic language skill set in order to be competitive.

It has recently been reported that the English standard in Hong Kong is falling. Hong Kong was ranked 25th out of 54 non-English speaking countries in the world.  According to the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong daily newspaper, less than 5% of families use English within their home environment compared to around 50% in Singapore.  With this HKEnglish.com has recently introduced business orientated language and soft skills courses to help raise English proficiency in this important financial center.

HKEnglish.com offers specialized courses that help individuals and corporate employees to become proficient in the language.  As they understand that each learner is different, they design customized programs that help their clients reach their English learning targets efficiently and effectively.  The courses that are offered range from Business English, Corporate In-house training, Proof reading, Soft Skills, Executive coaching and Business soft skills training such as Presentation Skills.  HKEnglish.com’s experienced and result-driven English tutors develop client’s language skills within Hong Kong and across other Asian countries on grammar, intonation, phonetics, pronunciation and accent neutralization.  Their native English tutors also include IELTS and TOEFL exam experts, and are considered to be the top ranked language tutors in Hong Kong.

The language courses offered by HKEnglish.com are designed to transform client’s present abilities and also build confidence in using the language.  They even have the facility of 1 to 1 courses that are designed for individual learners.  As Hong Kong businesses trade on a global platform it is essential that their staff be able to communicate clearly in English.  Employers are increasingly looking at hiring only those who are fluent in the language and are effective communicators.  In order for individuals to move ahead in their careers, or to propel business success, English is mandatory.

HKEnglish.com is a Hong Kong based service with internationally qualified, experienced native English tutors and business skills trainers.  Established in 2001, their mission is to provide quality training programs customized to suit individual, business and corporate needs.  Each of the programs is focused on building proficient in English language and business soft skills. For more information on the services contact (+852) 2916 8887.

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