Pompano Beach, FL - Restoration1.com, specializes in reconstruction work and offers complete range of restoration services for homes and buildings that are affected by water, fire and mold damages. Restoration in all these three areas requires special equipment and skills Restoration 1 has been serving as a restoration contractor for over 10 years.

Their restoration service takes care of the entire dealings with the insurance company including the negotiation of the estimate. They offer free estimates after reviewing the site carefully and complete plans for restoring the damaged building. Restoration 1 has a massive team to handle all reconstruction and restoration work, and they do not subcontract projects to other service providers. This ensures uniform quality in the work done irrespective of the size of the restoration project.

It has been reported that a large number of illnesses that are associated with infection are connected to mold. Restoration 1, along with its other restoration and reconstruction work also offers mold removal service.

Whether it is restoration after fire damage, water damage or mold formation, Restoration 1 has a very systematic way of dealing with each problem. They have their own set of procedures that they follow to ensure fast and perfect restoration.

When it comes to mold removal, the scope of the service does not stop with just the removal of mold. It also includes finding the source of the problem. The source in mold formation is moisture formation. Moisture formation in a building could be due to faulty plumbing or seepage of rainwater. Restoration 1 will identify the source of the problem and rectify to the satisfaction of their customers.

In case of fire accidents, they may have to deal with structural repair as well. Restoration 1 has all the skill sets required to handle all types of reconstruction work. This makes life easy for their customers because customers need not have to go around hunting for various resources to get their building or home restored. Homeowners need not have to worry about coordinating with various service providers required for restoration work. This also saves homeowners a lot of time. As complete restoration is offered under the same umbrella, the overall cost of restoration works out to be cheaper.

As part of their restoration services, they also provide inventory of personal effects damaged. This inventory is highly helpful while dealing with the insurance companies. Their service also includes pack-out of personal effects to storage and return after the restoration process is complete. This leaves the homeowners completely free to go about their normal life. All services of Restoration 1 come with satisfaction guarantee. For more information visit http://www.restoration1.com