New Delhi, India; 18, December 2015: With over 20 years experience and more than 1000 successful projects of setting up of commercial kitchens at various places, Hotelconsult Orient continues to offer their expert consultancy services in kitchen consultancy, facilities planning and food service design. Clients willing to set up a commercial kitchen can rely on their expertise and get a fully-functional kitchen in no time. The Restaurant Consultant has a team of expert professionals who carry out the kitchen setup task after a meticulous planning.

The spokesperson reveals that they understand the requirements of the clients and prepare a blueprint for setting up a kitchen that can meet all client requirements more specifically. They provide modern kitchen designs that can fully comply with the health and environmental standards of a place. Whether the kitchen is in a hospital or a school, a well-planned design services will ensure every essential component of a professionally operated kitchen. All safety parameters, such as the use of the fire extinguishers, smoke protection, electrical shock resistances etc. are taken care of to avoid any accident.

The F&B consultant offers their expertise when planning kitchens for hotels and restaurants. The consultants play a key role in installing kitchen equipments and furniture pieces that also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen besides adding functional benefits to it. According to the spokesperson of the company, they believe in the transformation and the kitchen designs speak of their excellence when the food is prepared for the customers.

The professionals associated with Hotelconsult Orient are familiar with all the essential components of a commercial kitchen setup. From planning to the final setup, everything is accomplished according to a well-defined guideline and this is the reason why they successfully set up the most functional kitchens. One can learn more about their services by visiting their website

About HotelConsult Orient:

Hotelconsult Orient was started in 1994 as a partnership firm when Mr. G.S. Arora, then General Manager — Planning, A.K. Dave & Associates / Quality Inns India Pvt. Ltd. joined hands with Mr. Sunil Khanna (DCE 1979, Bouygues S.A., France, FCSI member) and Mr. Rishi Dayal (I.H.M. Kolkata, OCLD 1979, EIH, FCSI member) to start this venture. The firm debuted with blessings of legendary A.K. Dave, who used to be the founder director of Welcom Group. Hotelconsult has a good understanding of designer show kitchens, theatre kitchens, bars and buffet counters with ample strengths in detailed engineering for HVAC, LP Gas Systems and Fire Suppressions Systems.

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