Easthampton MA, April 15, 2013 — Resilience Training Institute announces that NASA has purchased a three day version of their master resilience training course Resilience At Work.

According to Jim Hornickel, Director of Training & Development at Resilience Training Institute, NASA has purchased the master resilience training program Resilience At Work for deliver at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, FL. This resilience training will take place in June of this year. “While every resilience training class we deliver is special, as is every customer we deliver to, bringing this master resilience training course to the renowned Space Center is especially thrilling” said Mr. Hornickel. Jim continued, “We have delivered resilience training to a number of government agencies in the past including the Army and Navy but every master resilience training course differs somewhat in that we tailor the resilience training to each audience.”

Suzanne Guthrie, Co-Founder of the Resilience Training Institute added this about master resilience training, “While we know that every human being and therefore every professional benefits from resilience training, when an organization is undergoing particularly stressful times of change, a master resilience training course is especially beneficial. Getting through tough times takes mental, emotional, physical, social and even spiritual strengths and our master resilience training program excels in helping build those strengths. Suzanne added, “Everyone knows that NASA has experienced significant budget cuts and that affects all team members and their families. We hope to offer resilience training to everyone involved as NASA does what it does so well; reengineers itself for the future.” This master resilience training program is just one vital step in securing NASA’s future as a science leader on the planet.”

Others at the Resilience Training Institute are equally excited. Alexi Major Jameson, a key staff member who supports this particular master resilience training course and other resilience training projects said that, “NASA is so smart to employ our master resilience training. NASA is a household name around the world. We trust that when people hear that it has chosen to bring our master resilience training course to employees at Cape Canaveral, many will be inspired to find a master resilience training class for themselves too.”

“Whether you are a civilian, government employee, corporate executive or international worker, resilience training will help you stay strong in tough times. And life is simply tough” said Bob Torsey, another faculty member of the Resilience Training Institute. It is rare to find a master resilience training course at institutions of higher learning” Bob continued. “That is why our work here with resilience training is so important. NASA understands that and we trust you will too.”

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