London, Sep 11, 2009 Residential IT is a London based leading IT support consultancy company for homes and business users of computers. Now if you have any problem setting up or any technical jargon in your PC, Residential IT promises to serve you the best. At Residential IT, we realize the difficulties of user for computer related problems.

Residential IT offers No Fix No Fee policy. Our engineers are experienced and fully trained in providing quality service. Still if because of any reason our company engineers cannot repair your company then no charges will be taken by you even not single penny.

Residential IT provides PC Repair service to get it back to full working order. The PC installation gives user a fast,efficient way to get started which include installation of appropriate softwares for your machine. The aim of our company is to build a machine according to your specification.

Residential IT is an awe-inspiring name in the IT industry and has successfully designed and marketed cost effective websites for businesses. In Residential IT, we have professional designers which work for clients according to their requirements and provide best design according to their business. It also provides an efficient software and hardware installation services. Residential IT also serves the best method of PC protection. It provides best way to protect PC or network from trojans.

Residential IT has fully trained and experienced staff which provide quality service. Our technical advisers are always there to answer your technical queries at free of cost.

From past few years technology is changing and vast amount of PC and network options are available. At Residential IT, we understands the problems faced by users when trying to decide the best solution for the computer like from where to purchase,at what cost and what will be the configuration. Residential IT provides the service of our engineers to go with you to purchase PC.

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Company : Residential IT
Address : Tempo House 15 Falcon Road,
London SW11 2PJ
Phone No: 08712180866
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