Microfiber sheets improve brain function by promoting sufficient sleep.

Many people avoid buying queen sheets since many believe they are more of a luxury than a need. However, a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Radiology, researchers found an interesting quirk in people with insomnia that may exacerbate the likelihood of dementia. This little quirk, experts say, is a good reason why queen sheets are more of a necessity than a luxury

The study, which was published on April 2016, found that brains of people with insomnia have fewer amount of white matter. White matter is type of brain tissue responsible for communication between the brain (central nervous system) and the spinal cord and the nerves (peripheral nervous system).

Researchers explained that it is believed that dementia stems from deterioration of the white matter. Hence, the fewer white matter a person has, the more predisposed he is to dementia.

Experts advised on practical ways people can get sufficient sleep. They said it is important to find the cause of sleeplessness of an individual. For instance, exercising any kind of strenuous activities. Other causes are irregular sleeping habit, drinking of caffeinated beverages before sleeping, and other pre-existing health concerns. The list of causes can go on and on. However, experts say that most of the time it is the uncomfortable pillows and the bed sheets that are causing the sleepless nights. In fact, they believe that majority cases of sleeping problems were caused by poor choice of pillows, bedding, and sheets.

For people having difficulty sleeping and even for those who have no sleeping problems but are in constant look for better alternatives to their old bed sheets, experts recommended microfiber sheets. Microfiber sheets are made from cotton fibers tightly interwoven together making them durable, flexible, and ultra comfortable. This makes it an ideal bed sheet for people who are suffering from sleeplessness.

Another reason why microfiber sheets are being recommended by sleep doctors is the fact that they are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. So for people with hypersensitivities and allergies, a microfiber sheet is the perfect bedding to get.

It does not take a lot of effort to improve one’s sleeping habits. All it takes is to get a microfiber queen sheets.
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