Research shows there's a pattern to mother daughter battles. Human behavior expert and success coach  Dr. Trevicia  Williams teaches moms eight ways to identify triggers, how to choose battles and conserve energy as well as how both mothers and daughters can win.

DALLAS, May 6, 2016 -- As we embark upon another Mother’s Day celebration, most moms and daughters will set aside differences to enjoy the sentiments of the day. While disagreements and fighting are normal parts of the mother teen and even some adult daughter relationship, research shows that there's a pattern to their battles. Every two days or so moms and their teenage daughters have a 15 minute quarrel triggered by commonly topics. However, the real purpose for the arguments may surprise most mothers. Human behavior expert Dr. Trevicia Williams, known for her mother daughter seminars, debuts a timely parenting book: I Love You But I Can’t underSTAND You Right Now: 100 Ways to Deal With the Heart and Soul of Raising Tween-Teen Girls to, among other important things, help moms choose and win battles with their tween and teen (10-19) daughters.

Nationally known success coach Dr. Williams debuts the first book in her healthy relationships series, I Love You But I Can't underSTAND You Right Now: 100 Ways to Deal With The Heart and Soul of Raising Tween-Teen Girls to help moms get through the turbulent stage of Raising Tween-Teen Girls to help moms get through the turbulent stage of parenting 10-19 year old girls. Dr. Williams' research findings along with May being Mother's Day and self-discovery month makes the debut of I Love You But I Can't underSTAND You Right Now timely help for moms everywhere. Available May 28, 2016 at book retailers and online, the book offers moms valuable parenting tips, information, wisdom, and insights, including 100 ways to handle the very essence of parenting a well-adjusted daughter based on research, the countless mother daughter seminars she has facilitated, mothering a teen daughter herself, and, reality.

Some tips from I Love You But I Can't underSTAND You Right Now include:

The REAL reasons your 13-19 year old teen daughter needs to fight with you: 33 things she REALLY wants to say if she only knew how

20 Ways to Ask Your Daughter How Her Day Went Without Being Intrusive

Communication: Getting Through To Your Teen Daughter: There's a vast difference between communicating to be heard and talking to be understood.

8 Ways to Choose and Win Mother Daughter Battles: Learn the high value issues to stand for and ways to find common ground

4 Things Disagreements are Teaching Your Daughter That You Don't Realize

4 Ways to Make Talking About Sex Less Awkward: When and How to Talk About Love, Sex, The Birds & The Bees in Ways That Will Make Your Daughter Think Deeper...Above and Beyond What Peers Are Saying

And much more.

I Love You But I Can't underSTAND You Right Now provides healthy mother daughter relationship growth and development plan worksheets as well as worksheets to examine current healthy relationship skills, the ones that need work and those that need to be developed along with quarterly self-follow-up worksheets to check progress.

Written for busy moms, parents, grandparents, guardians, and/or caregivers to discover ways to grow their relationship with the tween-teen girls in their lives, Dr. Williams responded to the heart and cries of moms she encountered during seminars who simply wanted more insight and answers. She also considered  the concerns of countless moms of teen girls who expressed wanting more from a book about raising their daughter.

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Dr. Trevicia Williams has over a decade of education in the behavioral sciences, holds a doctorate in psychology, is a life success coach, motivational speaker and America’s leading subject matter expert on a range of topics involving human behavior including effective communication, mother daughter relationships, teens, work-life balance, productivity, spirituality, parenting, healthy relationships, leadership, self-matters, value-based living, and, moral aptitude. For more about Dr. Trevicia visit

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