HGHhelp.info is excited to share the most recent research on green tea, which confirms you could live longer if you consume green tea on a regular basis. If you aren’t currently drinking green tea, you may want to consider adding it to your ‘to drink’ list. In fact, you might want to sit down and enjoy at least one cup of green tea every day.

According to http://www.hghhelp.info/greenteafacts.php recent epidemiological studies have shown those that drink green tea regularly have a reduced risk of heart disease. Studies conducted on animals showed that green tea reduces bad cholesterol, and lower blood pressure, which in turn, reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

Another study done at the Birmingham University showed that when green tea is drank it rises the rate that fat is oxidizes by around 17%, which means that it can increase oxidation during moderate workouts. Research has also shown that green tea can improve glucose tolerance thus making it easier to lose weight. For more info on how to lose weight safely go to http://hghhelp.info/obesity.php

It’s this type of research that can help us make better dietary choices in our lives, and HGHhelp.info is proud of the amount of time that is dedicated to delving into research and then breaking it down in a way that’s easy for their visitors to understand. In fact, we have our own medical writer on staff, which reads these studies, and pulls out the important information, and then presents it in a way that’s easy for the non-medical person to understand.

HGHHelp.info focuses on providing you with as much information as possible on staying healthier and younger. Longevity is important but only if there is quality of life and so we work hard to provide important research to our visitors, and review products. With new products constantly coming onto the market, it’s hard for consumers to keep up. It’s even harder to know what works and what doesn’t — to tell who is feeding you the truth and who is feeding you a lot of hype. We do the research and then we do product reviews and so you can quickly find out what you want to know about a number of products, especially HGH supplements such as Sytropin, Genfx and Genf20 Plus, which we spend a great deal of time researching. Go to http://hghhelp.info/sytropin.php for more info on Sytropin.

HGHhelp.info want consumers to not only get the most value for their money when they buy a product, but to know that a product is deemed safe and effective. We want consumers to have all kinds of resources available to them so that they can easily learn about health related issues, and the best ways to tackle those issues.

For many of our visitors the focus is on anti aging and so we have entire sections of our website focused on talking about things you can do to stay younger longer and products that can help you in your quest. We also spend a great deal of time talking about what does or doesn’t work based on scientific data.

Green tea is an example of a product we’ve researched the science behind and then provided all the information you need in one place http://hghhelp.info/greentea.php , so that you can quickly make a decision about whether green tea or products containing green tea are right for you.

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