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Homeowners usually get laundry water from the tap. Sometimes, laundry water comes from the hose. But a report on a website indicated that water has effects on the quality of laundry.

“Water may look the same everywhere, but in reality it can have quite a different effect on the quality of your laundering, depending upon its hardness or softness,” H2O Distributors stated. The website provides information on water systems for homes and businesses.

According to the website, the laundry problems are usually caused by poor water quality more than the machines that are used.

"The best water for laundering is soft and practically free of iron, manganese, and turbidity, with no color. Soft water enables soaps and detergents to clean at maximum efficiency," the website pointed out.

The issue with hardness in laundry water

The website pointed out that water hardness is an issue. They noted how hardness can go against cleaning agents such as detergents and soaps. Water hardness should reportedly be high since the cleaning agents need to "counteract the minerals."

Good water quality is needed so fabrics cannot have films and discoloration. Color fading and white streaks are issues found after the laundry, the website noted. Good water quality can avoid stiff fabrics as well.

HealthyWiser’s TDS digital meter is provided for those who are looking for ways to test water quality. The digital TDS meter is a professional water testing kit that promises great results. The product can be used in various systems, including reverse osmosis systems, classrooms, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, water filtration systems, wastewater systems and more.

“This worked great compared to other testers out there and is more affordable. It is easy to use, compact, and has a nice little carrying case. The instructions are easy to follow and made me feel comfortable that [this] was getting accurate readings right away. This product helped me decipher that the filter on my refrigerator should be changed. I highly recommend this product,” Amazon customer Corey Helwig wrote.

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HealthyWiser is a reputable company in the United States that provides various products for health awareness. The products are used for beauty, personal health, and wellness. For more information about their TDS meter and professional water testing kit, visit the Amazon page and read more information about the product.

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