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A recent article online said all toners can function to promote the right pH balance of the skin. This is because of what these products have.

“Some of the more effective toners will also have nanoparticles that help draw in larger particles of moisturizers. Simply put, the toners will help the moisturizer work better. That said, a lot of moisturizers these days have nano-particles,” an article on website Peach And Lily stated.

The report also noted that the skin should have the ideal pH of 5.5, slightly beyond the neutral range of 7. This level will promote a radiant skin and protect it from harmful elements.

Peach And Lily emphasized how several facial cleaners can have a pH level that can negate the effects of the levels discussed above. These cleaners can cause skin drying, and can cause imbalance pH levels.

"Now this is where [the] toner is so critical. Most toners will be at the optimum level or ever so slightly acidic to balance your probably slightly alkaline skin after washing," the website added.

Fortunately, there are pH test strips in the market today that can help consumers ensure that skincare products are right for them.

Best pH test strips from HealthyWiser

HealthyWiser is a reputable brand with products on personal wellness and health. The company offers pH test strips for a healthy skin. Aside from skin care products, other substances that the products work with are drinking water, swimming pools, coffee, saliva, aquariums and more.  Amazon offers the pH test strips at discounted prices.

The company is home to one of the best pH test strips for consumers looking for accurate pH testing. They are also great ways to monitor the pH levels of toners.

“The HealthyWiser pH Test Strips are a great product to have. They can provide valuable information about yourself and your health. These strips provide information about the pH level of your body. You want your body to have a neutral pH level. It should not be acidic or alkaline,” wrote one customer on Amazon.

About the company

HealthyWiser is a reputable company in the United States that provides various products for health awareness. The products are used for beauty, personal health, and wellness.  For more information about HealthyWiser’s pH test strips for the skin, visit their page on Amazon. There are also video reviews available for viewing on YouTube.
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