Since the price of heating or cooling your home continues to rise, one aspect of cost efficiency is replacing those old windows with new ones. Learning how to choose replacement windows Lancaster PA, homeowners need to educate themselves. This requires a little research on a homeowners part. Buyers need to understand the difference between clad, wood and vinyl replacement windows Lancaster PA to make an informed decision.

Clad Windows

Clad windows are made with two different materials. Wood is installed for the inside of the window, while aluminum or vinyl is used on the outside. This offers the beauty of a wood finish for the inside of the home, but provides the durability and low maintenance on the outside with its metal or vinyl exterior.

Wood Windows

Wood replacement windows Lancaster PA is naturally insulated and coveted by many homeowners. However, these type of windows need to be protected in order to make them last as long as the other types of windows. If not properly protected, they will prematurely rot, crack and the beauty of the wood will fade.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the most durable materials used, but can deform in extreme cold and excessive heat conditions. Choosing the right vinyl replacement windows Lancaster PA are better installed in regions of the country that do not have extreme weather conditions most of the year.

While these are other types of materials used to produce windows, such as aluminum, steel and fiberglass, these are the most common. Each material comes with its own pros and cons, but by educating themselves, a homeowners can make the best decision on what will work for them. The price range between windows may also determine what type of material a homeowner purchases.

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