is changing the way repair protection should be offered by making the process worry free, non deceptive and virtually eliminating the possibility of fraud. In today's industry, many VSC companies are being accused of deceiving customers into purchasing. And on the other side of the coin, many customers are making attempts to commit fraud by trying to get their pre-existing conditions fixed.
The core of our business model is to deal directly with auto related businesses if at all possible. We offer an exclusive online quoting system that provides our affiliates a fast, easy way to offer VSC's (Vehicle Service Contracts) directly to their customers. The website is a much more efficient way to offer the VSC's especially for small dealerships and repair facilities.
When visiting the site you will find it is completely gimmick and hassle free! We are one of the only online sites that will give customers true upfront pricing on repair protection for their vehicles. It will also offer coverage directly to the public but if a customer does not have an affiliate referral number then their vehicle will require an inspection in order to activate coverage.
“We truly feel that this new business model is going to change the entire outlook of the VSC industry.” says owner Eddie Struckman. “By teaming up with auto related businesses, you automatically gain trust and credibility. Also, this method of offering protection will decrease the possibility of fraud on behalf of some customers. Since customers are being referred right after purchasing a car or having their vehicle serviced, this will ensure that there are no pre-existing conditions going in.”
The site only offers protection that is insured by Admin companies with an A- rating or higher. This means that customers will receive top notch customer service from start to finish. At, customers can obtain instant quotes on their vehicle. They will be able to review all coverage options for almost any make and model on the market today. The affiliate selling brokers of will also offers EZ payment options that allow customers to be covered by starting with a small down payment.
It makes financial sense for people in a down economy to seriously consider keeping their vehicle longer. There is no benefit in trading your vehicle in every few years because of the depreciation value. The website will provide you with opportunities to keep your vehicle longer and continue to have peace of mind as you drive. Having a VSC on your vehicle covers all parts and labor associated with a breakdown. The only cost on a covered repair that a customer will pay is their deductible. Customers may choose any licensed repair facility to have their work performed. They will also receive 24HR Roadside Assistance, Towing and Free rental car benefit depending on the coverage plan chosen.
The website is full of information to help customers explore all of their options and see if a VSC is the right decision for them. “It is important that customers be well educated prior to purchasing a VSC. The site offers the necessary information to do so. We also align ourselves with only reputable affiliates and affiliate selling brokers, so if there are further questions needed to be answered, then one will be there to help. They will do everything in their power to ensure they help as many customers as they can.” says Eddie Struckman. To find out for yourself check out