. They are signing up new dealerships and repair facilities everyday. Our site gives smaller dealerships and repair facilities an outlet to easily quote their customers a VSC in just minutes! The site also helps consumers to obtain a better understanding in vehicle service contracts for their vehicle. This information is vital to anyone considering purchasing a vehicle service contract or most commonly referred to as a car or auto warranty.
January 10th, 2010 -- With all the recent media attention on the vehicle service contract industry, consumers are beginning to pay more attention to the warranty products and services they are purchasing from service contract and warranty agents. Repairspaid.com has launched a new affiliate site to help all auto related businesses to offer service contracts directly to their customers at a reduced rate.
"The VSC Industry is taking a lot of heat because of the deceptive practices of a select few companies. I believe the only way to properly market repair protection is through the outlet of various auto related businesses. It is vital for any given vehicle to undergo a physical inspection if you are to ensure that there will be no pre-existing problems or future complaints or issues for both the Consumer, Admin Company and Selling Broker.” says Eddie Struckman, creator of Repairspaid.com.
The business model created through the website www.repairspaid.com requires customers to have been recommended by a repair facility or dealership. This increases the odds that their vehicle has recently been properly serviced, maintained and is in good running order. It essentially keeps all parties in check to reduce the chance of fraud that currently exist with other companies marketing campaigns.
Also, our website allows consumers the opportunity to properly educate themselves prior to purchasing protection. We have all of our coverage options broken down so that anyone can readily identify the best coverage option for their vehicle.
“The other feature that makes our site very unique is that we give ´up front online pricing‘. Most of our competitor sites attempt to trick consumers into giving their name and personal information and then ultimately fail to give an instant quote. Some do this for the sole purpose of selling your information to other parties. At www.repairspaid.com, you will get an instant online quote as advertised!” Struckman says.
Repairspaid.com offers protection to most all makes and models. We also offer coverage on both newer and used vehicles. But kind of like health insurance, “the older you get, the more you will pay”, repair protection cost will increase with the more mileage you rack up on your vehicle. Also, the increase in mileage could potentially lessen the level of coverage you will receive, so it is recommended that if you intend to keep your vehicle to get repair protection sooner than later.
In today's economy, most consumers are on tight budgets, therefore you do not have to pay your protection plan all up front. We allow customers to make low monthly affordable payments to get protection on their vehicle. And the best part about that is you are covered while you are paying.
For more information visit online at www.repairspaid.com.