Riga is the capital city and also the largest city of Latvia and the Baltic States. Riga has its glorious past being the trade centre of the Vikings in the early Middle Ages. Riga is generally recognised as the city with the finest and the largest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world. Many travel guides states the heart of the city is the old Riga where there are many historical sites and ancient architects. Since the Baltic States have natural beauty, heritage and most importantly affordable prices, this region is attracting tourist from all over the world.

Planning on renting an apartment in Riga? Well there are many agencies that look after your preferences .Wiki travel has some of the best information on almost everything you need to know while in Riga. Aside from the wiki travel guide, you can also find short term and long term serviced apartments for rent in Riga which provides internet access, fully equipped kitchen, washing machines etc. All the basic needs included in the room or the apartment cost. Isn’t this great? It makes you feel at home away home.

If you are visiting Riga for some couple of weeks, you better search for short term rent apartment which for mid- range will be starting from around 70 -80us$. So you better look around for the best agencies to get you a good deal. There are many agencies that you can look up online for renting apartment in Riga. Price range of the apartments depends on the area.

Lastly, like all travellers would suggest, be extra cautious and pay attention to your surroundings. And more importantly get in touch with your embassy; let them know your purpose of visit and the days you will be spending. Get to know the locals if they seem approachable then you’ll find it worth the visit. And don’t forget to leave comments on your stay in the apartments, that’ll encourage them to work harder. To get more details please go to http://www.balticsuites.com

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