Popular food blogger Regina Braun has recommitted to developing and sharing healthy, simple, and yet delicious everyday recipes.

Calgary, AB (May 05, 2016) - Leelalicious.com, a food blog owned and managed by world renowned food blogger Regina Braun, recently announced that it has renewed its commitment to developing and sharing health conscious recipes. The blog has been providing home and expert cooks with healthy recipe choices for a number of years now but claims it is just getting started. It’s ever growing following would indicate the same.

Speaking in an interview recently, Regina Braun explained “The sky really is the limit when it comes to food. Whether someone is born into a family with a long history of traditional dishes or one simply likes the adventure of trying out new recipes, Leelalicious has got them covered. The blog has become a melting pot where traditional dishes take on a modern and more health conscious twist. It really has become a reflection of my European upbringing and the current adventure of eating my way around the world.”

When asked about the future of the blog, Braun hinted that she has been working on a healthy recipe ebook that will get launched later on this year, but insists her first and foremost commitment is still to the readers and thousands of loyal followers of Leelalicious.com. This is also why the brand managed to get a quarter million Pinterest followers in record time. Food lovers from all over the world rave about the delicious food they were able to cook by simply following one of the hundreds of free recipes on the blog.

As part of their renewed commitment to sharing healthy recipes on a regular basis, Leelalicious announced it is looking to bring staff on board that will help manage the day to day operations of the blog. Subscriptions to getting new recipes delivered via email will continue to be free, and the overall user friendliness of accessing each recipe will improve as time goes on and technology evolves.

For more information about the blog or to get access to hundreds of healthy recipes for free, visit: http://leelalicious.com/

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