Irvine, CA; 18, April 2015: Skin Care by Shila brings a variety of effective facial and skin care treatments for the residents of Irvine to get a youthful look. Shila Abhari is a Clinical Esthetician who believes in offering treatments that can ensure long-term and healthy benefits to the clients. Her Facials Irvine comprise of cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment of skin to achieve well-hydrated, clean and healthy skin.

Speaking about her facial treatments, Shila states, “We have different types of skin treatments, including exfoliation, extraction, creams, masks, peels, and massage. Each treatment can have different effects on human skin.” Besides, she offers special treatments, like Glycolic Enzyme Mask that is remarkable for its rapid penetration and exfoliation. She has several types of skin care treatments that are her exclusive discovery and which can offer great results for a person to look beautiful and attractive with a glowing and healthy skin.

Shila’s Facials Irvine can significantly remove the aging signs for a person to get his/her youthful skin again. She reveals that mature skin has its own specific needs and thus she offers precise treatments that can nourish the skin, helping it get a healthy and glowing effect. The treatment focuses on nourishing the inner skin layers and removing the dead skin cells for a naturally glowing and youthful skin.

According to Shila, the aging process and sun exposure can damage the skin cells and could be the reason of common skin ailments. Most men and women get wrinkles on the skin, under eyes and other areas where blood circulation becomes thinner with the growing age. Shila has a variety of ant-aging skin treatments, including Enzyme Treatments and Ultra Copper Firming, which can improve blood circulation to those areas to better the skin tone and texture.

Shila has a state of the art and well-equipped treatment center in Irvine for people to undergo the most effective anti-aging and skin care treatments at the cost-effective prices. To learn more about the treatments she offers and their pricing, one may visit her website

About Shila Abhari:

Shila Abhari is a Clinical Esthetician located in Costa Mesa, who has been in the business since 1998 and doing permanent makeup since 2003. Shila performs a variety of skin care services including chemical peels, microdermabrasion and medical skin treatments. Along with skin care, she also specializes in numerous permanent cosmetic procedures, which include permanent lip liner/color, Full Lips, eyebrows, Multi Color Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement and Eyebrow.

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Telephone: 949-646-6675
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