Fort Marlborough, an important British fortification on the island of Menorca, can be an added motive of interest for Bartle Holidays customers visiting Menorca this April.

The fort, which just underwent extensive renovation works thanks to the Menorcan Tourism Board’s Tourism Product Development Plan, will be opening its doors for two free admission days on the 12th and 13th of this month, in a bid to attract tourists visiting or staying at the island at the time, through companies such as Bartle Holidays.

The renovations, which cost an estimated €355.000 (£295.000), saw part of the fort’s structure undergo consolidation work prior to being made into a museum, to officially open to the public on the days mentioned above. The aim of this experience is to attempt to recreate life inside Fort Marlborough such as it would have been in the 18th century, when it was populated by British troops.

The works in question were done in two distinct phases. The first, concluded last year, dealt with the reinforcement of the walls and other necessary measures to ensure the fort is safe for visiting; the latter, initiated last February, has the aim to maximise the potential of this structure as a tourist attraction by modernising and upgrading its features. The fort will now boast improved audio guides and newly introduced expository films, shown on screens scattered throughout the official tour path. These films and audio snippets will help visitors contextualise the fort in the socio-economic climate of Menorca, the British Empire and Europe as a whole at the time the structure was occupied.

In addition to these audio-visual helps, visitors to Fort Marlborough will also have the opportunity to witness a full costumed re-enactment of the life of the British troops stationed in the fortification 400 years ago.

Fort Marlborough is only one of the historic attractions in Menorca’s ‘British route’, which celebrates the British Empire’s presence on that Balearic island.

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