16, April 2015: To be launched on the 15th of April 2015 via Indiegogo, Remote EmoFix is now making selfies better than ever and more enjoyable than it was before under the efficient leadership of Co-Founder Vladimir Malakchi.

The hottest and most anticipated technology of this generation is now available to teach people how to take a selfie in an easier and more fun way. It is in fact an excellent Bluetooth device that will help people in capturing their photos as well as videos conveniently via a selfie remote.

Using EmoFix Bluetooth selfie remote, the user doesn’t have to touch the phone anymore and it can also be used in wet locations since it has a water-proof, metal body selfie gadget. The project will be represented via Indiegogo to make life easier.

EmoFix talented team has successfully made this selfie shooter through hard work and skills while keeping in their minds the needs of mobile users around the world. Now, taking a group picture or best selfies is convenient and comfortable with a selfie device.

What so good about the selfie app for android is that it can last up to 2 years and more in terms of battery life, range from 30 feet and more, water resistant and made with durable hardware. The best selfie remote will therefore give people complete freedom in capturing videos and photos without the need to touch their mobile devices.

It connects through the phone via Bluetooth with a range of more than 30 feet. Through the rear camera, it can capture photos while producing top quality media whenever used. Using it will give you:

Perfect Selfies
Easily click group pictures
While moving, efficiently shoot videos
Capture photos and videos underwater
High resolution images as well as videos

In fact, it is a small yet very elegant device users can bring wherever they want to go. It can be conveniently put on the wallet, purse, and pocket or even in key chains. Now, people can save more memories through photos without any hassles. It’s fun and very affordable actually.

“We made EmoFix with love. We’ve considered every detail while making EmoFix,” says Vladimir Malakchi, Co-Founder of EmoFix.

For those who are interested about how to take a good selfie using EmoFix, they may get more updates through https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/emofix-the-selfie-lover-s-best-friend or follow Vladimir Malakchi on https://www.facebook.com/emofixus for more details as well as other related concerns.

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