Toronto, ON - Printer companies woo their customers to buy genuine ink cartridges to maximize their profits and that is why they sell their printers at a much lower cost, sometimes lower than the price of their ink cartridges, because investment in a printer is a onetime expense, whereas buying ink cartridges is an ongoing expense. So once the customer is locked in with their printer they are bound to buy their ink cartridges. However, environmental specialists say that reusing an ink cartridge is a green approach. Those who like to take part in the green movement are encouraged to refill their ink cartridges, as many times as possible so that they can make the best use of resources that are already available.
Computer accessories have always been expensive. Users will not be able to avoid or minimize their expenses with certain computer accessories. However, computer users can cut down on their expenses on toner cartridges by going for refills rather than sending the cartridges to the trash.
With the help of the latest technology, inkjet refill machines such as JT-219 Diamond Inkjet Refill Machine, it is possible to save the environment by reducing the number of empty cartridges that reach the landfill. This latest model inkjet refill machine has a number of advanced features. This machine is capable of refilling, cleaning and testing more than 185 cartridge models. It is also capable of refilling multiple cartridges at the same time. It is possible to refill up to four cartridges at the same time. It has a user-friendly operating system with touch screen prompts. Though this machine has many advanced features, it takes less than 2 hours for an individual to learn to operate this machine.
Using latest refilling machines like JT-219 Diamond Inkjet Refill Machine, the cost of printing can be reduced dramatically. Going for ink and toner refills helps businesses save thousands of dollars every year, while the recycling benefits of ink and toner refills keeps the planet green. Using printer cartridge refills is easy, simple and also safe. To ensure that the refills are made as per professional standards, it is recommended to make use of reliable refill companies.
Trigger Xpress specializes in printer cartridge ink and toner refill services. They also take back empty toner cartridges from the users and recycle them properly, so that they are not thrown in the trash and ruin the environment. Trigger Xpress is one of the few companies that is highly conscious about environmental safety. They help the environment through their printer cartridge refill services and through printer cartridge recycling. As a drive to save the environment, Trigger Xpress has announced 15% discount on their refill services to all customers who go to them with the copy of this Press Release for the next 90 days. For more information visit