When it comes to automatic gates, most home users will want to keep their old gates and simply install gate motors on them. This is a good choice as it is more cost effective, involving less modifications. However, when it comes to commercial use, like accessing parking lots or the premises of an industrial complex, it’s best to consider sliding gates or even barriers.

                Getting out of the car in order to open the gates to our property or garage might not seem like that big of a deal at a first glance. After all, since most of the jobs nowadays don’t involve that much physical activity, we might just be better off getting some exercise out of it, although not that much. However, there are certain circumstances when it just isn’t worth not investing in a gate automation system. Just imagine having to get out of your car when it’s pouring outside, ruining your best suit, or stepping in mud and getting your shoes dirty. While this might not happen all that often, when it does happen it’s really something that can ruin our day. Furthermore, we need to consider the energy efficiency of manually opening the gates. We’ll most likely leave our engine running during the whole process, but imagine how much more fuel efficient it would be to have the gate motors which run on electricity open the gates for us, without having to wait.

                What options do we have when it comes to gate automation? It all depend on the type of gate that we have or want to have. We can pick from swinging gates, which are the most common, or sliding gates. Swinging gates are the best choice when it comes to home use as they usually cost less. However, the heavier the gates are, the more expensive the gate motors will be. This means that swing gates are a great choice if we have light gates, but not such a good one if we want heavy gates. The other downside that swing gates have is that they’re best used on same level ground. It’s obvious that swinging gates need more room in order to open, and installing them at an angle would only complicate things.

                Sliding doors require more space to one side of the gateway, but they are the best choice when it comes to commercial use, and the gates can be wider, allowing larger vehicles to get through. When picking gate automation systems it is important that we properly evaluate the weight of the gates, getting matching gate motors for them. Furthermore, we need to make sure that the speed with which the gates open is manageable. Once we’ve got these things settled we can focus on the manner in which the gates can be accessed and opened, and whether the system can be bypassed in case of a breakdown, allowing us to open and close to doors manually. Having all these in mind, it’s not hard to find a reliable supplier that can provide us with the gate automation systems we require.

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