Las Vegas, Nevada; 08, April 2015: The most anticipated single of 2015 is now slated to release on 30th March. Anthony James Band of Las Vegas, Nevada has announced the release date of its highly anticipated single “Love Cares”, the amazing song that has been written to promote love and world unity, and it is to be released on 30th March 2015. From this date on music lovers can purchase it on iTunes and request for it at their local radio station.

The soul of this band Anthony James has started his career as a church musician. His father being a preacher, the church was the first place which helped cultivate his love for music. Then, once out of college, he started experimenting with different types of music including rock-n-roll, jazz, soul-music and R&B. All this ultimately lead to falling in love with Funk. He went on to doing studio gigs and joined forces with other popular musicians of that time. And finally, he soon decided and started building his own band. Ultimately by bringing in talents in the form of voice, piano and bass, he now is the AJ band.

After providing music lovers with hits like “You Gave Me Everything”, “47 Haynes Lane” and others they have now geared up for the release of “Love Cares”. This much anticipated single is dedicated to the world and the main motive behind creation of this song is world unity and a hope to teach the world the importance of love and brotherhood. Going by the previous tracks, this song is set to mesmerize people with a mix of soul music and a healthy dose of beats. From 30th March 2015 onwards all music lovers and fans of the AJ band can purchase the single on iTunes or request it at their local radio station.

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