27, January 2015: I hope that people will do a lot of baby; listening title:Disque d’or; of Album Mixtape beat by kharYsma;volume 1. It’s available on this internet link http://ùixtape.r-b-a.fr 

He also released new product with this album; which is a car game simply his music amusement park; play and experience the games in the game section of the website http://gbtprestige.r-b-a.fr 

Cover Racing GBT Prestige

kharYsma Arafat-NZABA; with Y character; becomes a major international artist in the music industry. Her second solo album call: Mixtape beat by kharYsma;will be release this february,14 th 2015 ; and it’s now available, on the producer/record label store linn http://mixtape.r-b-a.fr 

Mixtape beat by kharYsma volume 1 cover

Now kharYsma Arafat-NZABA becomes a professional confirmed; with this instrumental album for your personnal or professional use; like game, movies,tv,show,films;radio,music business opportunities; remix, lease on album and more… and the last title dear fan, he still sings one of his success from his previous album Inattendu; always available on its official website http://www.kharysma-an.fr/ 

We think that you will like a adult (lyrical advisory) song: disque d’or; in track 1 of album; and kharYsma Arafat-NZABA say: 

“I hope that people will do a lot of baby; listening title:Disque d’or”; listen only to find out why he says; and go there quickly streaptise in your club to set the mood with this music. 

You’ll love all the titles of labum; in particular: disque d’or and Miracle. then; if you want more; you can always find the video games: Racing GBT Prestige; which uses music: Amusement park of kharYsma Arafat-NZABA.

Go directly to buy Game the following web link; http://game.r-b-a.fr