In today’s business environment, stress in the workplace can lead to mental and physical strain that can ultimately impair an employee’s productivity. Finding time to de-stress either by getting out of the office or simply stepping away from the cubicle is easier said than done. A company in Philadelphia is offering a solution to this problem with their on-site chair massage service., a leading mobile massage company has recently expanded their team of licensed chair massage therapists to handle the increasing demand of spring-time health fairs and employee appreciation days in the Philadelphia area. 

Human Resources and Office Managers find adding chair massage to health fairs is always popular amongst employees and helps underlines the company’s commitment to employee wellness. 

The benefits of these chair massage sessions are just outstanding. Here is what one of their licensed massage therapists has to say: 

“[Employees] can stop whatever they are doing, sit in a chair, stay fully clothed…it’s a simple 10-15 minute massage…work the shoulders, you knead the neck a little bit…break up some headaches.” Says Derek MacMahon, a licensed chair massage therapist from

“It’s just a real great way for corporations to include it as a part of their wellness program or initiative”

According to a report by (Employee Benefit News), The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress in the workplace costs U.S. corporations over $300 billion annually. In their article titled “Reducing Stress with Onsite Massage Therapy”, they say that many companies in high-stress industries or those with a strong culture of wellness are turning to massage therapy to calm workers' nerves, enhance productivity and preserve a healthy bottom line.

Clearly, the services offered by can provide the health benefits corporations need to enhance their employees’ wellbeing as well as to encourage their participation in any upcoming spring-time health fair. 

For more information about their services, visit their website today or contact their representatives for further details.


They are a leading mobile massage company in Philadelphia, PA that provides chair massage for employee wellness events, appreciation days, company health fairs and for student activities as well. Designed for group events, their services offer targeted stress relief in the workplace and in school.

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