Reiki is an alternative treatment to western medicine that translates roughly into spiritual influence or universal life energy.  Its founder, Mikao Usui, believed that he could help heal others via this spiritual power and eventually taught his techniques to others who have brought it to the world as a whole.

“I am one of the few people in Sydney who was trained by one of the masters in Reiki, and now I can help others with the techniques taught to me,” said Maya Lebee of Reiki Sydney.

A full course of Reiki can be ordered by visiting  or calling (02) 86078394.

Individuals needing help with various health issues from pain to general malaise should strongly consider Reiki therapy.  Holistic, drug free and safe, it is a way to find balance and harmony in life.

“So many are running themselves into the ground and then run to a physician for help.  Most times imbalances can be fixed with simple therapies such as Reiki.  In fact, many clients feel better after a single session and their entire outlook changes after several sessions,” said Lebee. “Call now to book a treatment with us.”


An important element of Reiki therapy is the colour system.  The body requires light to live, but the body also absorbs light in one of seven different energy locations throughout the body.  The correct light in the correct amount is necessary to help with the body's physical, mental and spiritual health.  Your Reiki professional will do a complete chromotherapy check on you and determine what aspects of your chakra, the energy systems in your body, are lacking and use the appropriate color based on their findings.

“With each colour having a different meaning and function, it is key that I perform a full check on your body to see what chakra is lacking.  Once this determination is made, correct light treatment will begin and it will leave you feeling better than you did before coming in,”  Lebee said. “When you book a treatment with me, I can tell you what colours you need and how to get them.”


There are few professionals that will disagree with the benefits of massage, but aromatherapy massage includes the benefits of essential oils from natural plant extracts that will increase the efficiency of the massage.

“We [Reiki Sydney] use only therapeutic grade oils in all of our aromatherapy massages.  Because of the intensity of the oils, we do dilute them with other oils before use.  The result is a comforting combination that helps the body relax and allows the massage to do a much more effective job,” Lebee added. “A lot of people are surprised how effective this is. When they compare the results to the cost, they say it is very inexpensive.”


In addition to offering the healing benefits of Reiki, we do offer courses to those who would have an interest in learning the art of Reiki.  Offered in two degrees of training, the first course is an introduction to Reiki and its benefits.  Students learn how to lay hands on a person to induce energy flow through the body. For more information visit or call (02) 86078394.

The second course is designed for students who have completed the first course and have a desire to continue training in Reiki.  Students learn the art of distant healings and techniques for further healing potential.

“Ultimately by completing this course, you will be able to ply your skills and begin helping others with the same therapies that helped you.  It is a perfect chance to pass on the opportunity to share the art with the greater world,” Lebee said. “There are lives waiting to be changed. All you need to do is contact us.”

For additional information about Reiki Sydney and its benefits, visit the website at or view their You Tube videos here and here .

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