The newly release reggae track called Your Loss from a virtually unknown British artist called Figaro could see him become a major superstar in that genre.

It’s hard to imagine a new artist releasing a track of such high quality both in music and lyrics not to have had a few years of experience in that genre or a big label support, but this is exactly what has happened with Figaro as he is known.

After a brief research on the artist in question, it turns out that he use to sing Calypso and also a French style of music called Zouk and in 2012 decide that he would change genres, a decision that is most likely to make him a house hold name within the reggae community.

We recently met up with Figaro and ask him about his new release and in his statement he said “many people I know including fellow musicians have been urging me to sing reggae music, most of them believe that my voice and style of singing would come across better with reggae”.

Well, there is no doubt that Figaro could be on his way to joining the greats if he could just keep producing such high quality reggae music and with a voice that would have sat comfortably in Rnb based on his falsetto techniques, the new generation of reggae music lovers including the old will welcome this artists.

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