In order to contribute to an overall elegant aspect of a room, most householders prefer to choose timber (either parquet or plywood) as floor material. Aesthetics are not the only reason why timber is such a popular item in construction and renovation, as its mechanical resistance and positive thermic properties are things that should also be taken into consideration. However, beauty can fade away easily therefore, in order to maintain an impeccable image of home, a professional floor sander hire Cambridge can guarantee that their services will contribute to the value of your household.

While some floors are designed to be sanded in order to achieve an abrasive texture, other old floors require sanding on order to be re-polished. The process usually involves removing the superficial layer that is either scratched or deteriorated due to frequent use. A high-profile floor sander company Cambridge has the skills and the equipment to render your floor brand new by preparing, sanding and coating with a protective layer the surface you want to restore. It seems like a difficult job to do and you might worry about your house being up-side-down for a long amount of time. As a matter of fact, stripping an old floor finish is just a process of a couple of hours in the hands of experts. Moreover, a crafted floor sander hire Cambridge will make sure that surface is cleaned before sanding, leaving no exposed nail heads or holes in the ground as the floor need to be completely smooth.

Before hiring a professional, you might wonder about how the process of floor sanding is being performed. That depends on the depth of the sanding as there are three stages available, depending on how you would like the floor to finally look. If you want to achieve a profound removal of the old surface right “to the bone”, you might want to decide upon a rough sanding during which personnel from a floor sander company Cambridge would use a 40 grit to eliminate all irregularities with no exception. The rough version uses a diagonal sanding from one corner to another of the floor, while a medium sanding involves moving from one part to another. This method doesn’t work so much in depth, therefore there will be less to clean after, just dust that naturally results from a sanding process. A specialized floor sander hire Cambridge also focuses on fine sanding, leaving the surface silky smooth and ready to polish.

Generally speaking, there are two types of floor sanding equipment: orbital and drum sanders. Drum devices are the most encountered ones and usually do a great job when refinishing surfaces. They are excellent in stripping off old layers on the account of its motions based on rotations. However, drum sands also may have a disadvantage when sanding at right angles as it might produce scratched. If it is handles by a professional from a floor sander hire Cambridge, though, this incident will not occur. It is true that orbital sanders are slow, but they are definitely much safer at cross grain sanding, leaving you the guarantee of a smooth job. Not matter the equipment, a floor sander company Cambridge has both the devices in order to satisfy all your floor sanding requirements.

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