(Free Press Release) Reel Wings Decoy Co. Inc. announces the spin off of its Bird Bright UV paint line which is designed as a deterrent to keep birds away from oil pits, from hitting wind turbines and cell towers. The new company name "Valley EcoSystems Technology" will better reflect the current and future product lines and company visions.

Scott Butz, Vice President of Reel Wings Decoy Co.Inc . announces the spin off of its Bird Bright(tm) UV bird deterrent system to Valley EcoSystems Technology. The new company better reflects the companies vision and the Bird Bright product line.

Valley EcoSystems Technology will begin the task to market and license the Bird Bright UV in the United States and Canada and we are currently seeking International partnerships.

About Bird Bright
UV (ultra violet) reflective paints have been used for years to decoy birds for hunting purposes, while testing new methods and products we found by increasing the UV reflection we could actually deter birds from certain areas such as Oil Pits, Cell Phone Towers and Wind turbines thus the creation of the patent pending Bird Bright UV paint system.

About Reel Wings Decoy Co. Inc
Reel Wings is a manufacturer of hunting decoy systems and a leader in UV technologies with multiple patents for decoy systems and patents pending in UV camouflage, UV decoy paints, UV fishing and more.

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For more information on Reel Wings Decoy Company, Please Contact Scott Butz 701-365-8222

For more information on Valley EcoSystems Technology or our Bird Bright product, please contact Michael Marcotte 701-885-2441

Scott Butz
Reel Wings Decoy Company
Fargo, ND
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