Las Vegas, US, March 23, 2013 – RW Marketing announce a review of widespread fat burning supplement Phen375. “RW Marketing created this video review to enlighten people about the product, exactly what it does, what it is made of, and typically how much weight it’s possible to lose while taking it.” says R Brown, a writer from the USA.

“It’s very difficult to follow a weight loss program and achieve your ideal weight. Many people turn to diet pills, supplements, and special exercise programs to help them, however not all of these are legitimate solutions. With a a track record of producing good results, Phen 375 has been proving very popular.”

The product is based on the ingredient Phentemine which, whilst it was very effective, was considered potentially dangerous to use. Phen375 has been created as an alternative product that still works, but doesn’t cause any serious unwanted side effects.

The main active ingredients of the supplement include Phentemine complex which is supposed to boost natural energy levels and thermogenic action; L-Carnitine which is an enzyme that helps release stored body fat into your bloodstream making it easier for your body to burn excess fat; and Capsaicin that reduces the uptake of fat and increases your natural rate of burning fat by raising body temperature.

There are several Phen375 reviews from previous customers, however RW Marketing has conducted an independent review of the supplement to determine how effective it really is.

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