Shipping operations pose financial problems to many companies worldwide. Handling freight is costly and laborious, transportation is also expensive and packaging can further raise operational costs. Traditional packaging refers to using metal or plastic drums to retain solid or liquid products, but these systems are costly. Therefore, companies need an alternative packaging option to cut shipping costs down. Let’s find out more about one way bag in the box liquid packaging.

How does a one way intermediate bulk container differ from other packaging systems? As the name suggests it, the one way intermediate bulk container is designed to be used just once; after the tote has been used to store and transport products, it can simply be disposed of. The idea is that this packaging system enables companies to make more economies in shipping. Traditional containers made out of stainless steel and hard plastic can be very costly. These containers are meant to be used for a long time, so they need to be shipped back after each product delivery. The one way intermediate bulk container was introduced to eliminate the need of re-shipping containers, as well as other expenses. For example, metal and plastic drums must be reconditioned and repaired periodically, so maintenance is a costly issue. Also, they must be stored in a warehouse while not in use, which brings companies additional costs. The one way bag in the box liquid packaging system eliminates these expenses entirely. These products are designed to be used once in freight transportation, after which they can be recycled or disposed of.

If you purchase one way bag in the box liquid packaging for your shipping needs you’ll have plenty of financial advantages, but there are also other benefits you should take note of. The one way intermediate bulk container is made out of heavy duty corrugated and laminated boards, which makes this product durable and resistant. The stable cardboard structure can withstand rough handling, safely storing liquid products. These containers are designed to be filled with non-hazardous liquids such as beverages, light chemicals, various plastic resins and rubber products, pharmaceuticals as well as a variety of cosmetic liquid products. Since cardboard is a natural material, there is no contamination risk. In fact, one way bag in the box liquid packaging is designed to be biodegradable. Once the freight has been shipped, it can simply be recycled. There’s no danger for people or for the environment.

The one way intermediate bulk container is also very easy to handle. The assembly is simple and can be done by one person in less than a minute. The container is ready for filling immediately after setup. This packaging system is very efficient because it saves a lot of time and it makes handling easier. Therefore, workers can increase their productivity using this system. These totes are functional, practical and cost-effective, being the perfect solution for your shipping needs.

One way bag in the box liquid packaging is resistant and cost-effective. The one way intermediate bulk container is perfect for storing and transporting light chemicals and non-hazardous liquids.