07, December 2016: Before we welcome 2017, Recumbentpro.com shares a list of recumbent bikes that captured the heart and interest of stationary bike enthusiasts. The website also shares recumbent bike information that recumbent bike lovers will surely find helpful.

A recumbent bike or stationary bike, for those who do not know, is a bicycle used for exercising and not for transportation. Sometimes, there are recumbent bike models that can actually work like the regular or normal bicycle. This bicycle places the rider in a reclining, laid-back position, which helps eliminate or reduce muscle soreness in the rider’s upper body or ease body fatigue. The benefits of recumbent bike are pretty numerous and somehow awesome.

One of the benefits is that riders could actually balance on the back to a position most comfortable for them, freeing the hands from doing any work. With free hands, recumbent bike users can actually read a book, play a mobile game, watch television or do any work while exercising. In short, it allows multi-tasking.

All the benefits can be reaped with the best recumbent bike. Nevertheless, choosing which one is the best can be quite challenging considering the vast options available in the market. Recumbentpro.com searched the market to find the top 10 best recumbent exercise bikes.

Two of the models in the list are the schwinn 230 recumbent bike and nautilus r614 recumbent bike. The former features 22 workout modes that are fixed, but also allows users to create their own workout session. All the data of the persons who used the bike are stored separately. The Schwinn, on the other hand, features two LCD screen, 22 programs and personalization options.

Apart from sharing a list of the best recumbent bikes for 2016 and other reviews, the group also shares essential information about the recumbent bikes in general (though their blog) so individuals who love these exercise bikes can learn more through visiting the website

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