Recovery Villas of the Treasure Coast Region come as a helping hand for those who are suffering from drugs or alcohol addiction.

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA, USA (December 18, 2016) — Recovery Villas of the Treasure Coast is the name of a rehabilitation facility based in this city of Port St. Lucie to provide the proper help to those patients living under the shadow of drug or alcohol addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction have become a leading epidemic, and indeed nowadays the world is facing serious problem contaminating it with day by day more people are getting addicted. Other establishments in this Treasure Coast region helps in battling these addictions, but this particular facility helps an individual to get recover by using some wide ranges of new safe methods.

This Treasure Coast-based rehabilitation center first creates a favorable treatment environment that helps the patient to get ease with the helping teams and then, these professionals conduct smooth curing therapy. The goal of this partial hospitalization indicates to furnace a confident into a patient to give up the effort of taking any kinds of drugs. There are four types of services present in this facility, which considered as one of the state-of-the-art methods to deal these kinds of situations and those are individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, wellness, and detox services.

There are special treatment options for special cases, suppose for the patients come with some heroin overdose, which is a serious time to handle, and it can be fatal if not handled carefully so detoxification methods can treat it. According to some sources, “we are small in size with three therapists, but able to handle individuals of all age groups and build the focus in them, and if possible, taken op detoxes service for better results.” This “war against drugs epidemic-fighting center” is run by three main individuals and those are one the CEO of the facility Osvaldo Santos, Jeremiah Baron as CFO, and Latonya Issac as the administrative officer. To know more about this rehabilitation center by visiting the website of

Recovery Villas of the Treasure Coast is a small sized rehabilitation center with a higher capability of treating severe patients for the past couple of years in this region.

Company Name: Recovery Villas of the Treasure Coast
Owner Name: Osvaldo Santos
Address: 8452 S Federal Hwy, Port St Lucie, FL 34952
Phone Number: 855-927-5559
Email: [email protected]