The Fire’s quintet of infrared cameras for “3D” tricks, a universal scanning app, and a free year of Amazon Prime are all interesting and compelling, but from what we’ve seen so far, the Fire Phone may not offer enough of a radically different experience to win over new users. Instead, it will have to claw its way uphill against better-known competitors. From afar, Amazon’s Fire Phone doesn’t give us anything we haven’t seen before. In fact, it looks a lot like other black smartphones: a Gorilla Glass (3) front and back, rubber-rimmed sides, chamfered edges, and a physical home button. the Fire Phone doesn’t scream “luxury craftsmanship” the way Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would have you believe when touting touches like steel connectors to prevent USB wobble, magnetic headphones (which we didn’t see in our demo), and Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound, which we didn’t get a chance to hear.As with its tablets, Amazon’s Fire Phone runs a completely forked version of Android, which means that all you see is the company’s extremely custom layer, Fire OS 3.5, and none of Google’s usual services — including the Google Play store. 

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