Name Removal Launches New Online Reputation Management Company

NOV 28, 2014 — Name Removal( has announced the launch of their company website.  Name Removal is a company that protects a person's identity by removing their name and personal information from people search sites, data broker databases, and search engines.

In the ever growing world of the internet, privacy has nearly been eliminated.  Cookies and website trackers follow users all through their browsing and public record databases become easily searched. Just because someone was born, married or seen in court, for instance, isn't a license for everyone to find the information  with a certain name  because of a driver's license per se. While Name Removal may not be able to delete public records, they are able to make them and the user harder to find.  And with potential employers using the net more and more to control employees, it's better for the potential employee to find out first.

The first step to managing an online reputation is searching the net to find out how and where data shows up. Using the services of Name Removal, user’s can prevent identity theft, reduce spam, remove public profiles, and addresses.  The service is offered as a one time cost of $49.95 for 1 person or $89.95 for 2 people. This is a one time fee service, not a subscription.

The Name Removal team will work on the customer's behalf for up to one year.  The internet is vast and new sites and data are appearing hourly, therefore, a service such as Name Removal is not 100% guaranteed.  This service will, however, give customers a team of experts working on their behalf to remove something as soon as it appears.

Name Removal is ready and accepting new orders. When they are unable to remove the customer's personal information,  they offer paid content services that act to bury negative links in the search engine result pages.

Phone: (918) 409-0692
Contact name: David King
Oklahoma, USA
E-mail: [email protected]