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Leading experts are consistently assessing the overall response of the gamming community after months of the launch. While the resultant finds are contradictory, a major number of experts have revealed to the fact that the hack tool, has in fact been able to deliver most of the promises it made it would deliver. Some of the most popular features have been the untiring supply of cash and coins to each one of the players without any form of condition.

Players are also promised protection from detection by offering the high level anti ban feature. At the initial stage when this feature was announced, most experts were skeptical because of the fact that other hack tools already come with this feature. However, all gamers and experts already know that this feature hardly ever works except for the seasoned gamer who knows how to avoid getting caught using the hack tool. This has not been a very beginner friendly feature in most hacks. With the launch of the 8 ball pool hack, even the first time player has reported a positive response of enjoying high level protection even when they are playing the game online.

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