USA - One of the most loved e-learning apps, Learn Italian 6000 words has recently updated to the current version of 1.4.7, making it feature-rich. Two new add-ons- Speech recognition and Slow Play mode have already sparked interest among the present generation of learners, who wish to enhance their knowledge on speaking and writing Italian in a better way.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store is currently a hit among both youngsters and adults. Developers have kept the interface relatively simple that facilitates ease in learning, besides looking elegant. For those who update their app will get access to the Speech Recognition and Slow Play mode function.

Both the features build on the pronunciation capacity of users, regardless of whether they are at the beginner level, intermediate, advanced or expert. Using Speech Recognition, developers feel that app users can correct the mistakes and learn in the process, which can help Learn Italian Phrasebook Phrases . In much the same way, the Slow Play mode can aid in listening to the robotic pronunciations of the words and thereby utilize the same in phrases.

“We constantly upgrade our database, which is why you will find a host of Italian words on a regular basis. Listen to the pronunciations slowly and follow and it will not be long before you master them. Our learning app also has other attributes and learning the language therefore, won’t be an uphill task if you take the experience as fun and not monotonous,” said a developer who restores high faith in the app after the two new features have come into being.

Learn Italian 5000 Phrases is restricted to Android users only, who can benefit using multiple games, in-app purchases, Review Manager and a host of other features that enhance the learning of phrases. “Not everyone knows the language, so it’s imperative to find it tough. Once you start using our app and interact with other Italian language enthusiasts, you will discover how hassle-free learning can be using your device,” the developer said.

Both the research and development teams have worked extensively on the app, after taking user inputs and feedback and introducing the two features.

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