Google's Adsense program is still, after all these years, a superb method to add a potentially lucrative income stream to a site. But it is the new site on the block that is struggling with making money, however it is set up to do that, and often times the choices are difficult. This is why AdSense proves to be the perfect solution for anyone that wants to start making money from their website without any waiting. Unfortunately a percentage of newer Adsense members become banned due to avoidable mistakes.

Never Login from a Third Party Computer: Google does whatever it can to avert click fraud, only because it's a serious issue. You have to be careful to not do anything that might look like click fraud from Google's perspective. If you're online at work, or at a friend's house, you shouldn't log on to your AdSense account at these times. Friends of yours might at some point visit your website and click on your ads, but if you also sometimes access your AdSense account from the same computer, Google will be able to see this. On the other hand, if you login from a work computer, your account can get into trouble since most of the offices use proxy networks where all the computers run on the same IP address.

The point about being relevant is that Google needs to deliver a solid product to their end users. Be very sure to keep your site content as targeted, and relevant to your market, as possible. You want a high CTR for your ads, and you can help that along by making your site content targeted to whatever your site theme happens to be. Google does not want you to have an Adsense farm, and that means when there are more ads than useful content. Simply create your site with a reasonable amount of content before you try to run Adsense ads.

People have tried all manner of things to make the ads blend in completely with the site, and you can run into some difficulties if you do that. You will see that you can customize certain features of the ad blocks, so just make the colors go well together rather than trying to hide anything. Every step that you take towards making your ads more effective in terms of CTR should be within the boundaries that have been put down by Google; going beyond these will only increase the risk of having your account banned.

It is really not all that hard at all to use Adsense without finding yourself in hot water, and you can make serious money with it, as well. The search engine giant is very firm when it comes down to maintaining quality and relevancy, and the strict measures taken by them clearly show that they aren't going to tolerate any kind of leniency when it comes down to their policies. When you begin making money with them, then you will really understand why you need to behave with their programs.

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