04, May 2015: Realistik Network’s owner and founder, Lee Fleshman has been arrested for stolen property. The news has shocked andamazed people who know Lee or have ever worked with him and his company Realistik Network.

According to sources, in 2005 Joseph Szelenyi, Lee’s then housemate, complained about some of his valuables going missing property. Fleshman, anidentifiedcrook, con-man and drug addict was caught on video taking the goods into a local pawn storeIn Parma.

Prosecutors reported that Szelenyi called his partnerto back him up when he confronted Fleshman. Both Szelenyi and his partner then tackled with Fleshman at the 4-Play Bar in Parma. After sometime, Fleshman got away and began to run,leadingSzelenyi and his partner on a wild goose chase.

After sometime Fleshman was caught and later charged with the robbery. Fleshmanthen accused Szelenyi and his partner of kidnapping him, however the case was ultimately dropped.

Afterwards Fleshman started a company named Realistik Radio Network with a partner that he later stole money from. He was forced to close the company down. Now everything is cleared up and he decided to reopen the company in 2015.

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