Real Wealth proudly launches Real Wealth Protect — A dedicated team of insurance professionals helping clients with their Life, Major Illness, Disability and Income Protection Insurance.

The statistics around Insurance are alarming. Here are some fast facts to outline the importance of insuring your most important asset — yourself:

– For every 1 house forcibly sold due to a fire, 4 are forcibly sold due to a death and 48 are sold due to a major illness. David Orth, Senior Advisor at Real Wealth, often questions why general insurance is such a high priority, but Life Insurance and Income Protection is not. We insure our ‘stuff’ but not the means that actually make the money to get or keep the ‘stuff’.

- 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women, will develop cancer before the age of 85.

- Before the age of 65, 1 in 3 employed people will be off work for 3 months or more due to an illness or an injury.

What matters most to you — Your income, your car or your house? You would be called crazy to go driving in a car with no insurance, so why not insure your income? Why not insure your life and your health, especially when you have others relying on you to pay the bills? If you died or became disabled to a degree where you could no longer work, do you have enough savings or other streams of income to pay off the bills you leave behind / pay for the on-going cost of living without your income? It is important questions like this that Real Wealth takes into consideration when protecting your wealth and preparing for your future.

David Orth from Real Wealth says, “Scams are everywhere. It in a time when even supermarkets are selling insurance, it is important to talk to someone you can trust — someone who can get you the best deal possible.” Real Wealth is here to help make sure you get the most from your hard earned money.