If the real-estate market continues to recover in 2014, video technology companies that help Realtors showcase and sell their properties could become hot commodities.

That’s because 90% of the buyers who are searching for a home online say they seek out video listings first, according the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

We have all noticed the hundreds of thousands of real estate videos on youtube. Great for youtube but not so great for agents or buyers.

Why you may ask? Put yourself in the shows of a buyer. He is looking for a 3 bedroom ranch house in any city, any state, USA for $350,000 to $400,000. How will you as a buyer find that video listing? Impossible as it stands now on youtube.

Well www.realestatevideowebsites.com and www.realestatevideochannels.com came to the rescue letting agents add their videos for free and allow buyers to search for a home just as they would in their local MLS site.

Agents will create an account then just paste the url where their youtube video is located along with the other info needed such as price etc. But what if my listing expires will I have to remember to remove it? No. We have programmed this to remove the video listing from our site if it is removed from youtube. Nothing could be easier or cheaper.

Where is this website that will allow agents to do all of this? www.realestatevideochannels.com

Our site is composed of thousands of agents youtube video channels.

We are now welcoming www.realestatevideowebsites.com to our family. This is where agents and brokers can go to create photo tours, use our video and web tools. This site is loaded with informative info and the latest video news for real estate agents, Everyday there are dozens of new articles about video and the use of video in the real estate industry. We know agents do not have the time to read all these articles so our people scan all the news in the USA and World for the best and most informative articles which we then post on our video website

We aso have hundreds, yes hundreds of HOW TO videos with tips on using youtube, making videos and many tips that most people do not know about. How would you like to go to your video channel on YouTube and only see your videos on the right or below your video. If you go to youtube now and look at any of your videos you will your competitions videos on same page. We can show you how to only display your videos on your youtube page. This is only one of our youtube instructional videos.

We also offer agents a responsive website that works on any PC or any Device where their videos can be displayed along with their photo tours that they can create right on their video website. Why a responsive site? Because this type of site wil adjust to fit nicely on a smart phone tablet or PC. Visit our site for examples. Almost 75% of buyers use smart phones for their initial search. How does your site look on a smart phone?

We are now offering a 30% discount off our $1495 price to all new members. Now only $995 one year with free hosting forever.

These video websites, online in 48 hours after ordering,will help you in your SEO as they all link to your site and every [page and video and gallery is automatically SEO optimized. They can be maintenance free self updating sites or you have the power to completely modify sites by adding pages, unlimited videos, unlimited single property pages and photo galleries and even creating your own web based forms with our visual editor. No programming needed.

Our original site RealEstateContacts.com is a real estate search portal that helps consumers find homes and properties for sale along with an agent in their area that is web savvy! Having the right real estate professional is more important than ever. Selecting a Real Estate Contact means you are selecting an agent that knows how to market homes the new digital way. More homes are sold after being viewed online than ever.

Visit realestatevideowebsites.com to learn more about video and get your free smart phone software.