Toronto, ON, Canada — Chris Allen known as a veteran, philanthropist, author, and Toronto’s Real Estate Authority is expanding his skill set into a new project entitled the Toronto Success Series.

“It seems a logical extension of my writing and philanthropy services.  I want people in Toronto and the GTA to see what success within their own city looks like and how they too can achieve it,” Allen said.

The Toronto Success Series interviews will feature successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and ‘A’ players at the top of their game around Toronto.

“My current release is an exclusive interview with Laura Harris.  Laura is a local entrepreneur with several successful companies under her belt, she isn’t only known as the wife of Mike Harris, former Premier of Ontario, far from it. Laura is a very savvy businesswoman and somewhat of a local celebrity.” Allen said.

Harris owns two businesses in the Toronto area: Stadium Hostessing Services and Nurse Next Door Toronto. She is also the president of Maguire Model and Talent Management.

“Clearly when you run multiple successful businesses with such differences, there is something that you are doing right while also learning from previous failures and setbacks. I pick her brain on both,” Allen added.

Throughout his real estate career, Allen has made his mark in Toronto with his business.  He is constantly looking for more ‘A’ players and varied Toronto success stories to interview for the Toronto Success Series.

“In a world class city such as Toronto it’s not too difficult to find some brilliant success stories. If you are an entrepreneur in Toronto and have an interesting story, I would love to chat,” said Allen.

Allen can be reached at his Slavens & Associates Real Estate office or via email.

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