Nov 27, 2009 Ready4aChange, a leading patient coordinator service for bariatric surgery at Mexico today announced the addition of Obesity Support Group to its website in the form of forums.

Alma Orozco, Patient Coordinator for Dr Zapata and Ready4aChange said “obesity is a serious threat to our society and we were approached by several patients for support and information. Hence we decided to set up a forum. Our forum aims to cover all aspects of obesity from diet, support, advice and latest news. We hope that this forum a place to talk about the latest obesity studies, information on obesity, obesity surgery, diet, exercise, weight loss support issues, and many more. Judy Cohen will be administrator for the forums”

Judy Cohen is a living example of successful bariatric surgery. She has had all three types of bariatric surgery. She needed corrective surgery after her band failed which does happen in some people. The support group can be accessed at

Said Judy Cohen, “When Alma asked me if I could use my experience and expertise for the forum, I instantly said yes. I personally want to reach out to people as I can relate to their problems and issues. I can say that I have been there and I have made it. Forums take time to develop but we hope to develop broad range of issues on forums. Suggestions are most welcome.”

Ready4AChange is a United States based organization dedicated to bringing weight loss surgeries within easy reach of all those suffering from obesity. They are one of the oldest and most reliable companies of this kind on the internet and have helped more than 20,000 Americans find freedom from obesity. After much careful research and investigation their team determined that Monterrey, Mexico and Dr. Miguel Zapata provide services equal to, or superior to, those provided elsewhere and at much more affordable prices. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and Patient Coordinator‘s Center of Excellence. Ready4AChange lobbies actively to keep weight loss surgeries in Monterrey affordable and safe. It believes that these life saving opportunities must be made available to the average person and not just the chosen few who have insurance or bushels of money.

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