Pomona, CA ( FreePressRelease.eu ) December 30, 2009 Social bookmarking is a very great tool to announce the latest happenings around the Planet. Though there are countless numbers of social bookmarking sites out there, only a few of them are worth spending time in updating. Ready2Beat (http://www.ready2beat.com) is one social bookmarking site that is very special with some great tools and a swarm of visitors. “Ready2beat is not just an ordinary social bookmarking platform. To be more precise, this portal can be called as a user rated news site. Whatever content bookmarked in Ready2Beat will be rated by millions of users across the world. The higher the ratings, the more authentic the information will be”, says the spokesperson of Ready2beat.com. This is exactly one of the main reasons why ready2beat has attracted countless numbers of news readers out there.

Speaking about the auto bookmarking tool available only at Ready2Beat, he said, “Finding and publishing authentic news itself is a time consuming process. It is even harder to spread the news to the world. To make this simple, our team has worked hard to develop a tool that can automatically bookmark the updates the moment it is published in the parent website. A onetime setup using the RSS feed of the news site can save precious time spent in bookmarking the updates each and every time.” While this auto-bookmarking feature is a great tool for the webmasters, how does Ready2Beat (http://www.ready2beat.com) fight the spammers? “While developing this tool, our first thought went to restricting the spammers from using this tool. And so we have laid several guidelines to use this tool. To use the auto-bookmarking feature of Ready2Beat, we have restricted this feature to only the sites/ blogs which are more than 2 months old. These sites should follow Google‘s terms and conditions to get eligible for the auto-bookmarking feature of Ready2Beat.”

Speaking on the move, the spokesperson said, “Auto piloting social bookmarking can save a great deal of time. We are sure that there are no fully functional free auto-bookmarking tools available out there. We are certainly proud to be the first to offer this tool for free.”

About Ready2beat.com

Ready2beat is a Place on internet where you can search and share your favorite stories & links. It is one kind of Social bookmarking and Blogging site. We show the best stuffs around the world as voted by users. We also display popular stories from our network websites to update with latest interesting stories.