27th April, 2013: A BMW owner, who usually sees his or her vehicle representing a significant investment in their asset portfolio, pays dearly to protect such an investment. Thus, when it comes time for servicing such a fine car, the owner knows exactly who to trust as it relate to reliability, expertise, and most importantly, trust.

Therefore, it is against this back drop that leading San Diego, California BMW repair and service specialist, August European, has decided to offer the following BMW care and service tips for free.

These BMW specialist mechanics believe even though BMW car owners truly love their fine German autos, it is a fact of life that often their beloved cars do break down outside of its manufacturer’s warranty, an experience that often proved stressful.

“Most people expect to have several good years from their car before needing repairs, and if the need arises sooner than expected, BMW car owners often look for a competent and well reviewed BMW specialist to have their vehicle repaired,” says the August European spokesperson.

Even though some will go for the dealerships from which the vehicle was purchased, the BMW specialist says not all dealers work on cars that are beyond a certain age, generally 7 years or older. The bottom line is that, although there are many general auto repair shops now located in San Diego, the BMW specialist service provider says finding the right shop does become stressful at time, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

“With a good mechanic, it will not be long until you are back on the road driving your BMW,” claims the spokespersons.

“Look for an auto repair shop that specializes in German car repair, and that’s where we (August European) come into the picture. Pardon me for blowing our own trumpet, but as the leading San Diego BMW car repair specialist, you can rest assured that you are getting the specialized knowledge necessary to repair and maintain your BMW in top running condition,” adds the source.

Tempting though it seems, says the BMW specialist mechanic, a BMW owner opting to forgo a specialist German auto repair shop in favor of a general auto repair shop, is a backward move, and a costly one at that too.

Cautioning against such an ill-advised move, the sources says “you do need someone who has the training, knowledge and unique equipment necessary to properly service your vehicle. It is sort of like taking your purebred pet to a veterinarian familiar with that breed. While all veterinarians would generally know how to care for your pet, sometimes you really do need a specialist.”

The source further adds that much in the way a person searches out the very best medical care for their pets and family, August European could be the best choice if one is searching for the very best care for his or her beloved BMW.

For further information or a repair consultation with a specialist BMW mechanic please contact the August European auto repair professionals at 858-566-5000 or visit http://www.augusteuropean.com

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