announces the release of the unique distributed social commerce platform to help small businesses effectively sell on social networks. Ravox includes a free fan page store builder, a built-in marketplace and a network of users to promote products.

The solution allows businesses to create a free facebook store on Facebook fan pages. Once the store is created, it can be easily customized in order to create an instant, branded ecommerce platform. Each shopping cart includes social sharing features, coupon codes, orders, and customizable settings such as banners, pricing, descriptions, categories and the ability to define featured products.

Once a shopping cart is added on a Facebook fan page, businesses can also sign up to participate in and list products within the Ravox marketplace. This marketplace displays products in real-time based on what is currently trending in order to influence social product discovery. These products are then actively promoted by thousands of social networkers to their friends, fans and followers through a variety of social channels.

While other Facebook commerce providers have similar features, the Social Affiliate option is unique to Ravox. This is ideal for those who have a large following on social networks but lack products of their own to sell. Businesses are matched up with these networkers in order to fuel social transactions. Affiliates receive 7% commission for each sale that takes place through social promotion.

Aji Abraham, founder of, states “When developing Ravox, small businesses were in the forefront. Many ecommerce site owners want more freedom and options when it comes to expanding into the social commerce. Ravox goes beyond the fundamentals of social commerce to incorporate features that are significant for site owners wishing to expand and stimulate growth using the social power of a shopping cart, marketplace and networkers” said Aji Abraham, founder and CEO of

About Ravox:

Ravox is the ultimate distributed Facebook commerce platform with a social discovery marketplace. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in social selling and word-of-mouth marketing by offering an innovative platform and techniques. We ignite social commerce possibilities by effectively uniting brands and customers through shopping cart creation, a social discovery marketplace and thousands of social affiliates.

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