Ravi Kumar, the young and energetic General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress, attended a function organized to commemorate the 29th Death Anniversary of Indira Gandhi at Shilparamam at hi-tech city and Chandanagar. The Congress teams of respective areas, including MLA Bikshapathi Yadav and other members of Youth Congress were also present.

According to a spokesperson of the party, “We organized a function to honour the 29th death anniversary of our famous leader, Smt. Indira Gandhi. We appreciate presence of Ravi Kumar and other members of the Youth Congress who actively participated in it.”


Every year the day is observed by congress workers to show respect to the late leader. At Chandanagar and Shilparamam, people paid their tribute to the leader by offering garland on the effigy and photos.

The program to commemorate the death anniversary of Indira Gandhi was attended by innumerable people of the local region. All Congress party members of the region attended the function and garlanded the poster and effigy of the late Prime Minister.

The spokesperson also added, “MLA Bikshapathi Yadav also attended the program along with entire Congress team of the region. They even followed Ravi Kumar Yadav at two places — hi-tech city of Shilparaman and Chandanagar to take part in various functions held in memory of our deceased Prime Minister.”

Ravi Kumar also gave inspiring speeches targeting the youth of the region. He also mentioned several achievements of Indira Gandhi and her steps to upheld India on a Global Platform. At the hi-tech city, he even inspired the women and girls to follow the footsteps of Indira Gandhi and dream big towards better future if India.

Amit Jain, a local resident says, “Our local Congress leaders and party workers arranged for a number of ferries throughout the morning. Many school students also participate in them. Ravi Kumar takes a leading role in arranging and monitoring all these programs and even inspired the youth to fight for the cause of our country.”

About Ravi kumar yadav:

Ravi Kumar is an enthusiastic General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress. He takes pioneer steps to promote healthy habits among people of his constituency and even inspires youth through active social participation. For more information visit http://www.ravikumaryadav.com/