Ratan Rajput takes inspiration from Aamir Khan for her show Santoshi Maa


Aamir Khan and Ratan Rajput have something in common. Are they doing a movie together? Is Aamir making an appearance on Ratan’s show? Now before you have your grey cells running, here’s the complete story.

&TV’s Indian mythological television series Santoshi Maa has been garnering great reviews from the audience and the cast and crew are hard at work trying to give their best to meet their expectations. In the ongoing on-air sequence of Santoshi’s wedding, the 28 year-old actress showed her dedication for the show when she decided to wear her maid’s clothes for a particular sequence.

If you recall, the perfectionist Aamir Khan too had his stylist go on a hunting spree searching for clothes on streets for his character PK. A little birdie from the sets informs, “Ratan wanted to get the authentic look of the character. It was she only who came up with the idea of borrowing clothes from her maid as she felt that would add the touch of realism to the scene.”

Now that was something commendable that Ratan did for Santoshi. Don’t you think?

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