Ratan Rajput who has been missing from television since a while now will soon be seen on STAR Plus‘ Lakhon Mein Ek.This time the show will bring to its viewers another heartwarming story and this time from the small district of Lathur in Maharashtra.


Ratan will be playing the role of a dalit girl, Janki who was buried alive soon after her birth by her father as he considered her unlucky. The entire story revolves how she fights all the odd, excels in her study and always escapes all the brutal attempts by her father to get her killed. Ratan who is very happy with her role commented, “The story of this girl is very touching. We will see how a girl in spite of all the issues from her birth survives this battle of life and death and grows up to become a social worker who has done great work in eradicating blind faith and develop scientific thinking among the masses. I am happy that with Lakhon mein ek I can actually connect with the people and bring this unique story of success to the viewers.”


Catch Ratan Rajput on LAKHON MEIN EK on 30th September at 11 am only on STAR Plus!




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